Earth Positive

When I was looking for the base shirt for Land of Mud & Glory, I knew it would have to come from halfway around the world so I wanted to make sure it’s mark on the environment was as slight as possible. That’s why I chose EarthPositive t-shirts. EarthPositive are a Swedish company who spent two years putting together the most ‘progressive ethical’ clothing supply chain on the planet.


"EarthPositive® has a single aim, which is to prove that it is possible to produce (cotton) clothing without any detrimental effects to the Earth's soil or water, its inhabitants, whether they be animals, plants or people, or to its climate."

The 100% organic cotton is produced under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and its Fair Trade practices protect the workers who farm the cotton. Their Climate Neutral manufacturing facilities in India are powered by wind turbine and 95% of the water they use is from monsoon rainfall. After manufacture the garments are transported to us via container, never air.


What a great ethic. I’m really proud to be using EarthPositive shirts for Land of Mud & Glory.

If you want to learn more about EarthPositive check them out here: