A Little History

It was a typical, filthy welsh summer’s day. The Bearman and I were back in the car park after an epic ride around W2, 30 miles and three hours of the most insane filth Wales has to offer. We’d limped back with barely a working gear or brake pad between us but it had been well worth it.

Dreaming of the big feed to come I was changing out my filthy clothes when a thought occurred to me - Why am I pulling on a surfing t-shirt and not a biking one?

The outrageous answer was I didn’t own a biking t-shirt. Not an MTB shirt, not a roadie shirt, not even a Wiggo shirt. In fact, I didn’t know anyone else who owned one either.
It would be nice to say the sun broke through the clouds at that moment but this was Wales remember. Nevertheless inspiration gripped me… biking t-shirts that not only celebrated our grand sport but the mad and wonderful buggers of this boggy rock that get out there and ride, no matter what. Mountain bikers, roadies, commuters… you my lovelies. Land of Mud & Glory would make t-shirts to celebrate you!


Land of Mud & Glory


Christian and the Bearman, Afan 2012